Feature: Trend Magazine

In today’s age of being thrown upon a pedestal to be compared to every other woman standing next to you, we seek a place where all women are united and honored for who they truly are, and not for the number value they hold. Trend Magazine has dedicated their publication to highlighting the average woman who leads an extraordinary story, and it is quite the read. 


    Founder Lauren Taylor had faced the challenge of belittled dreams. Her heart pounded for a creative lifestyle, but she felt too afraid of the outside’s forced limits upon her. Being fed up with the fact that dreams were considered just imaginative goals and never truly comprehensive realities, Lauren went against the odds. She let her creative pour and her heart roar, and following two years of hustle and bustle, her dream has a jam packed schedule of clients wishing to work with Trend Magazine.


    Trend is the home to the voice that is often silenced. It is the outlet for those too fearful of judgment or harassment. It is the magazine for the ready heart. Each member of the writing staff focuses their lens on one genre, whether it be finding hole in the wall cafes or publishing a guideline for a fellow dreamer. Every article offers something in light for a creative, and pushes every reader to turn to their dreams and begin to unfold them into a tangible concept. 


    The magazine not only consists of pieces from their contributors on staff, but also from their followers. With each print, released every three months, they hold submission articles about specific themes or topics. These opportunities secure their idea of bringing women together to collaborate and inspire within their own community. Trend stands as the glue for their readers to be able to meet and inspire each other, creating a domino effect of drive for all. 


    The brand’s main spotlight is directed on the vulnerability of dreaming. When a woman has a spark ready to explode sitting in their heart, they tend to hide away from the endless failures they may face and only put the final product on display. Trend is about the real woman with the real story. They empower women to be proud of their entire journey, from the moment of inspiration to the days of helplessness, all the way to utter success. No heart is ever fulfilled after just one trial of effort, and the faces behind Trend Magazine are here to verify and comfort that fact. 


Trend Magazine spreads can be found on their website or on their app. To stay up to date with Trend Magazine articles and news, follow them on Instagram.

Chelsea Triano