Feature: Mr. Kate

Because Why Not?

That's the philosophy that the DIY team Mr. Kate lives by. 

 In 2011, Mr. Kate was started as a blog “with the goal of celebrating life through a more creative lens.” Using this creative lens, they hoped to attract an online community with a love for all things beauty, style, and home that also related to their philosophy.

Today, the team is considered DIY royalty by their online community. They have continued to create high quality beauty, style, and home online content, while also expanding to producing their own jewelry collection and body art line, appropriately named Mr. Kate BeautyMarks.

So now that you know a little bit about what they do, let me introduce you to the team.

Kate Albrecht is the CEO and co-founder of the team. She grew up in Hollywood, which can be credited for her quirky online personality. She found her self in front of the camera as an actress in television and feature film favorites including Entourage, The Princess Diaries, and Sex & the City. While working on these projects, Kate also furthered her interest in what happens behind the camera by getting her degree in film production. Aside from her work in the film industry, Kate also released her own line of jewelry after training as a metalsmith. The Mr. Kate blog combines her talents with her love for interior design and DIY, appealing to a wide audience around the world. Most recently, Kate’s unique personality that is evident on her blog made the move to print with the release of her book “A Hot Glue Gun Mess.” The book, released by Harper Collins, provides step-by-step DIY projects while also sharing hilarious stories from Kate’s life.  

Joey Zehr makes up the other half of Mr. Kate. His skills in digital media strategy, audience development, and online strategy add to Mr. Kate’s reputation for high quality content and their success among their online community. Before becoming a part of the Mr. Kate site, Joey owned an online brand development company and was an owner of entertainment production companies Good Day Productions and Yeah Man, Inc. If you’re wondering why he may look familiar to some of you, he was the drummer for the band The Click Five, well known for their song “Just the Girl.” Joey and Kate met when his band appeared in a feature film that Kate was starring in. The two have since gotten married and in December 2013, the couple bought a house and decided to document the renovation process in their YouTube series “OMG We Bought A House!”

The team is rounded out with Director of Video Brad Etter, Shipping and Office Coordinator Daisy Gonzalez, Creative Producer Sofia Draco, Video Editor Tiro Rose, and Assistant Editor Kelly Hanelt. 

The Mr. Kate site is home to all things DIY, style, beauty, and home. In order to effectively cover each of these topics, the site is broken down into four different categories: Watch, Read, Talk, and Shop. 

The Watch section is home to the team’s YouTube series, including “Office Goals” and “OMG We Bought A House!” If you know anything about me, you’d know I love easy and simple nail art, so I couldn’t resist checking out the DIY Scalloped French Nails tutorial! 

The Read section stays true to their start with a simple blog filled with DIYs. Their latest post, DIY Plexiglass Board, includes pictures and the step-by-step process to creating your own white board with a twist. This project is located in the Cous Cous (aka Creative Cocoon) room in the team’s new office space to help keep track of upcoming projects, but you can create your very own to keep yourself organized and aware of upcoming events. 

Although I’ve written features on other blogs in the past, none of them had a Talk page like Mr. Kate. This page acts as a forum for the site’s online community. Whether you have a question that you’d like the team to answer or you want to share your latest DIY project, this page is the place for it.

As I mentioned earlier, Kate’s training as a metalsmith led to the creation of a jewelry collection which can be found on the Shop page. Each collection features a variety of rings, necklaces, and earrings guaranteed to add a unique flare to any outfit. The latest collection, Dusk, is no exception. You can view the lookbook for this collection here

In need of some DIY inspiration or some styling tips? Check out the Mr. Kate site here. Never miss a new episode of “Office Goals” by subscribing to their YouTube channel. Keep up with Kate and her team on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.