Dream On Youth
Dream On Youth


    On March 27, 2012 a confused and stressed out college sophomore realized her purpose. Amidst a stream of tears, and with a blind leap of faith, Cydney Irby launched Dream On Youth. Her founding principle?

You are not alone.

    Cydney began this journey reaching out anonymously to her inspirations, friends, and even strangers, that cried out on Twitter about loss, insecurities, mental illness, and their longing to be accepted. With only 140 characters and little-to-no insight into their lives, she poured her heart into showing them their value and declared that each of us has a purpose in this lifetime. She spoke of the potential she saw and began helping to uncover their biggest dreams. In the process, their perspectives would change from a future deemed bleak and barren to a world full of possibilities. While Cydney knew she assisted in igniting the transformation, it was up to her new friends to finish it, with her support. Soon, she began chatting in this way and exchanging encouragement with people worldwide. 

    In 2013, she made the decision to open her arms to interns in the hopes that at least one person would apply. To her surprise, six girls applied and she accepted every single one. 

    What nobody could have planned for is the relationship created when seven young women from all over the country united for one cause. Through text messages, videos, and photos; all seven would learn to celebrate every success and the power of togetherness, in every season.

    Dream On Youth is now the most bad*** empire of social goodness built for the people, by the people.

We are proof that the younger generations will be the change.

We turn dreamers into doers by providing the resources on how to cultivate wellness, network with a purpose, and how to harness the power of education.

We will lead the masses to end the mental health stigma and speak for the protection of our identities

this is the phenomenon of imperfect people doing impossible things