Dream On Youth
Dream On Youth


    On March 27, 2012 a confused and stressed out college student realized her purpose. Amidst a stream of tears and with a blind leap of faith Cydney Irby launched Dream On Youth on the social platform, Twitter. Her founding principle?

Your story is not over.

    Cydney began reaching out anonymously to her inspirations, friends, even strangers, that cried out on social media about loss, insecurities, mental illness, and their longing to be accepted. With only 140 characters and little-to-no insight into their lives, she poured her heart into showing them their value and promising that each of us has a purpose in this lifetime. She spoke of what she saw each in them and of those dreams that didn't seem to make it to the limelight. Quickly, she would assure them that the dream wasn't dead, but each of them would need to change the way they looked at it. Soon, Cydney would begin chatting in this way and exchanging encouragement with people worldwide. 

    With the realization that this dream of hers could be something much bigger than she imagined, Cydney started a little thing called the DOY family. She invited in creatives from all walks of like who shared the same heart for change, love, and awareness and became a part of their stories. But, of course, she didn't stop there.

    In 2013, she made the decision to open her arms to interns in the hopes that at least one person would apply. To her surprise, six girls applied in the hopes of gaining experience in the online world. She accepted every one with tears of joy in her eyes. What nobody could have planned is the relationship created when seven young women from all over the country, a sisterhood was born. Through text messages, videos, and photos; all seven would learn to celebrate every success, no matter how small, and the power of togetherness, even in times of struggle

    Dream On Youth is now a growing community that embraces optimism, inspires change, and leads in love. In this safe space, we believe in leading by example with confidence and vulnerability. That we can create beautiful life-altering movements and save people now, rather than later. That honesty can build kindness, chasing goals can lead to freedom, and people are golden.  And now, friend, you're a witness to the phenomenon of imperfect people doing impossible things too.

But why stop there? Hey, Take a chance on yourself and stop placing limits on all the great things you could do. choose your own happiness.