Feature: Sookie + Co

Normally companies launch starts off on a rougher patch, still trying to find their name and what they want to represent. Sookie + Co, however, broke the stigma and is ready to take on the fashion industry with just one month of establishment.

    With the site officially opening on August 15th, the owners of Sookie + Co revealed a platform much deeper than their brand name. The company sells fashion pieces fit for the girl wanting to go out and run errands, but to also go out for the night with just a quick switch up of hair and makeup. The current catalog features tees with adorable and relatable messages - my personal favorite is the Eat. Sleep. Be a boss. Repeat. - that every girl is dying to show off in their wardrobe.

    Sookie + Co’s website is also home to a lookbook of their items, that shows off how to dress up or dress down their shirts. The messages are printed on premium lightweight shirts in downtown Seattle, bringing a cozy vibe to an empowering tee.

    What truly catches the eye on their site however, is the radiance that the the environment gives off. The women who style the pieces glow with confidence and power, most likely a side effect of the unique designs of their products. It may sound superficial to say that words of encouragement truly bring a light to a person’s appearance, but it is quite evident on this company’s site.

    The home page leads with the message, “You’re a whip-smart minx. Dress like it!” If I were you, I’d take their advice. You can find Sookie + Co’s pieces on their website, and find how else to style the standout pieces that everyone will compliment you on on their Instagram page.


Photo Credit: Sookie+ Co




I’m a strong believer in the law of attraction, which is why I try to radiate only positivity into the universe. What you give out will be returned to you, so I strive to only give my best. My ultimatum in life is to help others. I plan to live through that idea by studying to become a pediatric psychologist, something I’ve been writing down in surveys since age 10.  No matter the occasion or what I’m going through, I always feel a sense of security through writing. I drift towards writing poetry, but can find myself going off for three pages worth of my journal at times as well. The matter of being able to let whats going on inside flow from hand to paper is such a beautiful thing in my opinion.