The Biology of Forgetting

For anyone who has ever loved and lost, who has had a single regret, who has tried and tried to forget. This poem is my reality. It is raw and real. I do not apologize for the imagery I painted because this is honest emotion. But, I do understand that this could be triggering so you do not have to continue on. For those who do, thank you for letting me share this piece of my story with you.

The Biology of Forgetting.png

I'm a firm believer in finding bliss in the little things: falling leaves, best friend dates, and making the perfect cup of coffee. There's little in this world, I believe, that can't be fixed by a Taylor Swift song. Typically, you can find me with my nose in a good book or in the kitchen, baking some recipe that I found on Pinterest. I'm a textbook case of an INFJ personality, dreaming of professionally helping others find happiness and providing unconditional support.