Brace for Impact

With this poem, I don't paint the prettiest picture of what could have been or try to fool you with tricks of the heart. Sometimes we love hard and fast. As triggering as it may be, sometimes the relationship is destined to crash and burn. We may try to hit the brakes, to swerve, to drive into the night searching for the sunrise together but not all things are meant to be. 

Brace for Impact.png

I'm a firm believer in finding bliss in the little things: falling leaves, best friend dates, and making the perfect cup of coffee. There's little in this world, I believe, that can't be fixed by a Taylor Swift song. Typically, you can find me with my nose in a good book or in the kitchen, baking some recipe that I found on Pinterest. I'm a textbook case of an INFJ personality, dreaming of professionally helping others find happiness and providing unconditional support.