Feature: I & I Outfitters

We all seek to fill our closets with the latest trends. Whether it be short cut Chelsea booties or the classic skinny jean, the essentials to creating the perfect outfit are endless. And as we love our favorite plain and versatile black t-shirt, what if we could wear what we believe in? I & I Outfitters has made this happen, and it’s quickly growing to be all the rage.

    Rooted in Portland, OR, I & I has designed the first social shirt, a piece that embodies a movement. Their goal with their production is to spark conversation and stray away from the idea that mental health and stigma is a taboo topic. In today’s time and age, clinically diagnosed mental disorders, all the way to the simple sad day, have become denoted with a negative attitude. People find themselves fearful to admit that they aren’t feeling themselves, or that they find themselves entrapped in the night sky when everyone else seems to be enjoying the afternoon sunshine. I & I Outfitters, through the printing of positive messages and promotions of mental health, are inspiring others to become open and honest with their mind, and their heart.

    The shirt features a hashtag, #mentalhealthwarriors, that promotes not only the strength and battle that the wearer represents, but also shows off their social media trend. This tag leads to endless stories and victories of the haunting, and the radiance they know own. It exemplifies the meaning of opening our hearts, and being vulnerable in the obstacles we face. These shirts aren’t something you can simply give your credit card number for and expect it at your doorstep within the week, however. I & I sends shirts to community members on random, just when they need a boost in their story the most. 

    I & I, depicting independence of our own self help, can be found on Instagram at @iandioutfitters. Their newly launching website iioutfitters.splashthat.com, is not only where you can find and sign up for the seven t-shirt phenomena, but can also engulf yourself even more into the movement. 

I’m a strong believer in the law of attraction, which is why I try to radiate only positivity into the universe. What you give out will be returned to you, so I strive to only give my best. My ultimatum in life is to help others. I plan to live through that idea by studying to become a pediatric psychologist, something I’ve been writing down in surveys since age 10.  No matter the occasion or what I’m going through, I always feel a sense of security through writing. I drift towards writing poetry, but can find myself going off for three pages worth of my journal at times as well. The matter of being able to let whats going on inside flow from hand to paper is such a beautiful thing in my opinion.