Feature: Esther Oh

Who would have ever thought that just a few words on a piece of paper could spark such a powerful movement of empowerment and love? Well, Esther Oh may not have realized how moving the idea would be, but she definitely had the intentions of good behind her actions.

    We often find ourselves dedicating a certain day of the week to sitting down on the porch, journal in hand, and letting out whatever therapy the pen to paper offered that time around. For Esther, a weekly post of encouragement and reflection has become something more than a summary of the past seven days. Her pieces of calligraphed quotes and phrases alone represent the truth that we all face, but are too shy to address. She then goes the next level with her words, and elaborates into beauty. The notes linked with each #wordlovewednesday quote indulge on what we need to change our dials and pick up the lighter channel. It can be very easy to get swept away with the never ending train of events and thoughts running in your life, but these weekly messages help you remember to get off at the stop you need.

    As Instagram is Esther’s main platform, her radiating heart also opens up through her music posts. Most often acoustic covers, she lets her followers see just that much more into her as she roars through a song that’s touching home base with her at that time. The songs she covers are often relevant, or at least what I’ve found to be, to the theme of her encouraging message for the week, making her account a full packaged deal of all around support and inspiration. Every post found on her account seems to trigger heart driven sparks, a consistency that is very hard to find throughout anything these days. Esther, without a doubt, takes her passion for posting and uses it to do more than just persuade a double tap on a glass screen.

    If you’re looking for that extra sense of love and light on your feed, follow Esther on Instagram at @estheroh_. She also sells the featured simply glowing pieces of calligraphy on her site, ohmeohmy.co, as linked in her Instagram page. 

I’m a strong believer in the law of attraction, which is why I try to radiate only positivity into the universe. What you give out will be returned to you, so I strive to only give my best. My ultimatum in life is to help others. I plan to live through that idea by studying to become a pediatric psychologist, something I’ve been writing down in surveys since age 10.  No matter the occasion or what I’m going through, I always feel a sense of security through writing. I drift towards writing poetry, but can find myself going off for three pages worth of my journal at times as well. The matter of being able to let whats going on inside flow from hand to paper is such a beautiful thing in my opinion.