Feature: Deftment

Finishing up this year’s lookbook on their newly renovated website, Deftment has taken their brand to a whole new level.

    A clothing company striving to produce the next up and coming branch of branded merchandise, Deftment features the definition of a quickly denominating phenomenon of working for you. The company is ran by a group of friends, all enthusiasts of fashion and living life to its fullest potential.

    Their geometric logo is incredibly appealing to the eye, symbolizing what might just be the elements of Earth, coming together in unity for happiness and tranquility. The company embodies engagement with the wonders of the world, and the beauty that nature has to offer.

    Deftment premiered their pieces just two years ago, at The Cortorie. Throughout their journey, they have featured their gear at pop up shops, but are currently working to finish and open up their online store.

Get a look for yourself of the incredible designs on their Instagram hile you wait patiently for their site, deftment.com, to reopen. Trust me, you’ll want to invest.




Photo Credit: Deftment, their awesome community, and Alex Beadon

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