Feature: Sugar & Spice

Feature: Sugar & Spice

Last week I posted a review of Madeline Becker’s brand new single “See the Light” under her musical persona NOMADELINE. Upon reading the review you might be asking yourself: Who is Madeline Becker? She’s the Sugar in the fashion blog Sugar & Spice!

Sugar & Spice: If you don’t already know them,  I’d like to introduce you to Madeline Becker {Sugar} and KayKay Blaisdell {Spice}.  The two met back in 2009 at a concert in Houston, Texas and had been running their own individual fashion blogs at the time.  Upon meeting and forming a bond, the two decided they wanted to do something “bigger and different.” Three years later Sugar & Spice was born, to fuel both their friendship and their collaborative passions.  The meaning behind the name is simple: it represents two different brands coming together for a single purpose. “Sugar & Spice” matched their own unique styles perfectly.

"Sugar & Spice" is a blog created as a space for Becker and Blaisdell to hone their craft and share their passions for music, photography and fashion. But their blog isn’t just for the stylish and fabulous! These are young girls in their 20s, and they go through the same things every normal 20 something does. So they often share their thoughts, feelings and what’s going on in their lives, and they’re real and raw in everything they do. Stumbling upon their blog is a breath of fresh air because everything they write, or open up about, or create comes from a place of pure honesty.

    They blog for themselves, they blog for each other, they blog in hopes that someone somewhere out in the world will connect with what they do, or what they have to say and will be changed for the better.

If I'm not sitting in front of my laptop typing out the next great American novel then you'll probably find me curled up in bed devouring a book. I grew up in a ballet studio finding it best to express myself through the graceful movement. I'm currently trying to live up to Taylor Swift's ideal image of what 22 should look like while encouraging others to follow their dreams.  A successful night for me is fulled with good food, laughter, conversations about everything and nothing, and did I mention food? I'm at my happiest singing along to my favorite songs with artists that inspire me, opening my heart up on stage and having meaningful conversations with good friends.