Feature: Women in Wonderland

Women in Wonderland magnifies what it means to be a woman with a radiance. Based in NYC, the ladies of this empowerment group inspire and assist women to branch on their dreams, their passions and their works.

    WiW takes on the challenge of aspiring boss ladies, and aids them in their transition into blossomed entrepreneurs. Along with moral support and love, Women in Wonderland builds professional portfolios for women - as well as top notch visuals and branding - whose hearts are ready to jump into the works of their dreams, but their feet need a little push. With networking under the belts as well, strong and powerful ladies gain confirmation of potential after working with Women in Wonderland.

    Their blog page on their website features articles of light and wisdom. From tutorials to encouragement letters, reading any post from the feed will instantly spark a light of work inside. This organization is most active on Twitter, however, where their feed is constantly filled with posts and retweets of helpful articles and empowering messages. It is nearly guaranteed that everyday, a new tweet of power and support will be found to trigger new ideas and new loves. One of the founders of WiW, Fatou B. Barry (@itsFatouB on Twitter), constantly updates her Twitter page with nothing but positivity and “you can do this” vibes.

    Women in Wonderland’s site, womeninwonderland.com, is currently under renovation in preparation of their relaunch this month. Find them on Twitter at @WonderlandWomen, Instagram at @WonderlandWomen, and add them on Snapchat at @WonderlandWomen.

I’m a strong believer in the law of attraction, which is why I try to radiate only positivity into the universe. What you give out will be returned to you, so I strive to only give my best. My ultimatum in life is to help others. I plan to live through that idea by studying to become a pediatric psychologist, something I’ve been writing down in surveys since age 10.  No matter the occasion or what I’m going through, I always feel a sense of security through writing. I drift towards writing poetry, but can find myself going off for three pages worth of my journal at times as well. The matter of being able to let whats going on inside flow from hand to paper is such a beautiful thing in my opinion.